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Coping With COVID-19: An Artist’s Insight

With the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, it leaves a path of lost art and opportunities in its’ wake.

Coping With COVID-19: An Artist’s Insight will be an ongoing mini-series of interviews where artists who have been affected by the outbreak can express how they are navigating through this trying time.

A little back story…

Nicolette Blount is currently working on the upcoming production of Savage the Musical, an original new musical, but the COVID-19 virus is putting quite a damper on the rehearsal process…

Who are you?

Nicolette Blount. I am the creator, co-writer, co-composer, and lyricist for Savage the Musical.

Pictured: Official Poster for Savage the Musical

How has COVID-19 affected you as an artist?

We were in rehearsals for our first full production of Savage the Musical after having a concert at the New York Musical last summer and a reading in NYC. Although we have a Broadway Director, I’m directing this first local performance before taking it back to NYC. So far we have cancelled a week of rehearsals, but sadly, we will probably have to postpone the show. I am sad for the actors who have put in so much work and effort into this show. However, more time to memorize etc., is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they use this time to put in the work and don’t procrastinate.

What are you doing to remain creative at this time?

Anything I can. I am knitting, doing some costume design for Savage (I also went to fashion design school), trying to write music daily and am starting to write a new a new musical that has been floating around in my head for awhile. This is also a good time to write new songs for Savage. Although most of our songs have been written and finished for this upcoming production, it is always good to have more options for songs in your back pocket as rewrites will continue to happen in NYC going forward. My co-writer and I are also having some Skype meetings to work on an alternate Act II for Savage the Musical.

Do you have a favourite moment from your recent work?

My favourite moment was when we debuted Savage the Musical in concert at New York Musical Festival (R.I.P.). To hear my music performed by some of Broadway’s best was fabulous! I was so happy at the rave review we received as well. We have a lot of great moments from that concert on our YouTube channel.

Pictured: Samantha Myburgh as Wanda Savage, Michael Andreaus as the Clergy, and Corey Mach as Howard Hard (New York Musical Festival)

Do you have any advice for artists coping right now?

Let’s stay positive! There is a lot of information and it seems to be changing daily. I would step away from social media and news as much as you can right now and instead focus on your art. The stress is a lot. Follow what your country or state is urging you to do with social distancing, etc., but keep the negative info to a minimum. I know we are all worries about income etc…put that worry and fear into your art and work. Look at this as a time to step back and finish a project or start a new one. This can be a blessing in disguise, in a way. Shakespeare wrote King Lear while being quarantined for the plague. I am hoping that this will create a new renaissance of creativity in all of us. Stay safe, stay healthy, and CREATE!

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see all of us artists trying to make the best of this situation and helping others. That’s why I uploaded our unreleased song “Warrior” to Soundcloud to hear for free. People just need to be encouraged and uplifted right now and that’s what we as artists do best…put smiles on people’s faces.

Pictured: Nicolette Blount

Thank you to Nicolette Blount for sharing her story with Northern Roots. Learn more about Savage The Musical here:

The affects brought on by this virus is being felt worldwide. Now is the time to come together. Keep creating, keep breathing, and take care of yourselves.

We are storytellers, and we will get through this.

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